Veteran’s Affairs

Financial Planning Assistance for Veterans

Farrah Tax Advisory Group and Retirement Planning is known for assisting veterans and their families in understanding the long term care benefits available from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We work to provide all of the top financial planning strategies to you and evaluate what is best suited for your unique retirement plan. Most veterans are not aware of the eldercare benefits available to them. There are many benefits easily accessible in Colorado through veterans health care, through state veterans homes, through home renovation grants (HISA Grants), or from two disability income programs called Compensation and Pension.

It’s astounding that roughly 1/3 of all seniors can qualify for up to $1,949 a month in additional income. This is possible through Pension under the right conditions. Yet the government statistics show only 5% of potentially eligible veterans are actually receiving the Pension benefit. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to consult with an expert on the available options concerning your retirement plan.

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