About Us

Farrah Tax Advisory Group and Retirement Planning was established in 1995 by Dennis M Farrah. As an affiliate of the Freedom Tax Advisors, Inc network of Tax and Insurance professionals, our financial professionals access to a proven system that is used by 200+ affiliates across the country. This proven system will help seniors maintain their financial independence during retirement.

Dennis M Farrah, Owner & President of Farrah Tax Advisory Group and Retirement Planning has been providing financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning for 27 years and has been operating in the Denver and Aurora metro areas for over 30 years. As a financial advisor in Denver, he has helped many people get the best bang for their buck! Dennis Farrah also acquired the now named Farrah Tax Advisory Group and Retirement Planning LLC.

Farrah Tax Advisory Group and Retirement Planning is an individual, small business specializing in financial preparation. Our company has been providing businesses with payroll, accounting, tax, retirement planning, and notary services for over 27 years. Also working closely with new business start-ups. Dennis Farrah recently purchased the company however, the original owner is still working as a business accounting specialist within the company. Ultimately, working with our locally trusted financial planner provides you with the confidence you deserve concerning your financial future.


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